Vehicle Purchase Support & Management:
An involved activity that includes the negotiation for sale, all seller communications, the sales contract agreement documentation as required or dealer contracts amended as necessary, follow through the process in detail to ensure there are no irregularities whilst keeping you routinely informed of progress. 

ASMG Italia has imported cars in and exported cars out of Italy so let me help you decisively jump the hurdles regarding Who, Where and What documentation and assistance is really required.

Vehicle Sales Support & Management:
Advertising to a global audience incorporating my vast network, website, social media and newsletters; negotiation, communications and sales contract agreement documentation as necessary. Allow ASMG Italia to manage and evaluate all enquiries, and bring you quality buyers whilst you maintain a private profile.  Sales can be found here.

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Parts & Logistics:
Are you having difficulty in finding historical or specific parts especially for Italian cars, or do you need more cost effective logistic solutions for more common parts? Being ‘local’ & ‘lingual’ gives ASMG Italia a better chance to work on your behalf to resolve your part needs.

European or international transportation need not be a concern, whether it be budget or luxury level shipment that would cater for your car, as part of the turn key service or just a quick ‘hop & drop’.

Project/Car Locator:
Utilising a portfolio of Italian & international contacts ASMG Italia will be able to find a car for you to immediately enjoy, for investment or your next project….. from Innocenti to Iso, from Fiat to Ferrari. Note that Italy yields many rust free examples similar to US dry state cars.  



ASMG Italia  is equally able to support your two wheeled passions. Where better than the homeland to cater for total service when it comes to your scooter whether it be a single scooter rebuild or bulk project purchases. More details here.


Items as Vehicle Registration Plates, Books, Brochures or Models can be found here.

Storage Program in North Oxford, United Kingdom:
With the increasing demand for storage due to growing collections and the desirability of classic car ownership, ASMG Italia offers secure storage with auxiliary services of maintenance and vehicle scheduled exercising that go hand in hand with a storage service.